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Nicoletta Longo

Founder & CEO of NamaStay Sober

My biggest challenge before working with Grace was being able to create a consistent balance in my life between my work and my own health & wellness. Also, being able to find someone whose advice is in line with my values and with the things that are very important to me. I felt defeated. There was a lot of shame and guilt around it. I felt like I didn’t have enough support for the amount of contribution that I was making in my work and my relationships. After we began working together, I’ve started to have a lot more trust in my intuition around those things. I think it’s really been a good balance of trusting my intuition and also being aware of the different cycles of astrology. Now I can go with the flow of things instead of constantly swimming upriver.

Since working with Grace, I’ve created an amazing relationship and I definitely see our conversations as being a contribution to that. It has really helped me and my partner, specifically because we are in different places in our lives and our careers at the moment. Having conversations with Grace just took a lot of the pressure off, it allowed us to just accept things as they are and to know that timing is really important. As a result, we are really able to enjoy our time together.


Grace was also a huge contribution to my organization. My colleagues still talk about her. Working with her brought us a lot of clarity. It brought a lot of people back to the reason why we are doing what we are doing and just got us connected to that passion again. It’s so important to be able to have someone that is listening to you but is also guiding you, it’s a nice balance.

To somebody who is on the fence about working with Grace, I’d say: I think the results speak for themselves really. There are so many different types of people that call themselves astrologers and healers and all these things, but really the only way to know is to actually have an experience with that person. And within the first 5min of your conversation with Grace, you are going to know that she is the real deal. And once you’ve tried it, you’re going to keep coming back, because she has an amazing gift. The way she speaks, there is nothing she is trying to prove or challenge. She is just offering her perspective and she has so much knowledge that contributes to that perspective. I think it’s very valuable to be able to have that perspective when navigating important aspects of your life. If you are looking for someone that has spent years of mastering their skills and will give you their honest advice, then you should sign up. If you want a fluffy comfortable and normal experience, then you should just read the horoscope in the newspaper. I just feel so lucky that I know Grace and I’m able to work with her. I tell all my friends and my family about her, because she does offer a guidance that is really needed right now in life, when there is so much chaos and overstimulation around us.

What surprised me the most about working with Grace over the course of the last year is that she is such a sweet soul, but then she also has this: “Hey, I’m gonna tell you what’s up. I’m not gonna cover it.” She is like a real coach. She is someone that is standing for you. I think it’s so important to have such a person in your life that is standing for you and your purpose and what you want to create in the world. So then, when you have moments of doubt or moments of confusion or when life throws too many things at you at once, you have that kind of sound voice that you know is really just standing for what you want and for what’s going to make you happy. 

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Kayley Robsham

Business Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP and Reiki Practitioner

Before starting to work with Grace, one of the biggest challenges for me was understanding how my career fit in with my life’s purpose. I felt confused and indecisive. A lot of emotions would come up around my career. I was asking myself am I good enough, am I supposed to be doing this work. I think especially as a healer and a business coach I questioned myself a lot, like if I was good enough to be in that position of power. Once I began working with Grace, I had a lot more confidence that I could start doing the right things in relation to my career. I felt more confident about choosing the right opportunities. I had the knowing internally, but also externally seeing it in my natal chart, made me believe in it a lot more. I now have a better understanding of where I started and where I am going toward and evolving. I feel I can now make the right decisions around my future self and my higher self rather than making decisions out of fear. 

Grace is very honest, saying things as they are, but she is also very nurturing and delivers the messages, whether good or bad, with a lot of love. I know one of the reasons why many people don’t want to get their birth chart read is that they have a lot of fear around their future and this is a great way to lessen those fears around the future. Working with Grace is seriously the best decision I’ve ever made. In addition to validating my life purpose and life path, which is huge, I think the biggest benefit of working with her over the course of a year is that I am now in a completely different mindset and I can make all of my life decisions from the place of my own power. Now I can grow and evolve in a different way.

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Liam McClintock

Founder of FitMind

Grace is really good at knowing people, knowing who they are, knowing them even better than they might know themselves. Even though I think I know myself pretty well, it’s tough to really go deep on your own beliefs without the help of someone like Grace, who is really taking you through this process of inner work. I felt like I was led through a systematic process, releasing a lot of doubts, worries and anxieties, even that were sometimes subconscious. It impacted the way how well I knew myself and it made much clearer what I really wanted. It also illuminated my relationships with others. How my own personality was reflected in those relationships. Before it was hard for me to find the balance between my professional and personal life, how to know what I should really be looking for and how I should really be living in order to create that balance and make those decisions.


Working with Grace brought me out of the fog of confusion and into the clarity of my authenticity. This is going to sound cheesy, but it’s true: The world took on a new brighter color once I better knew my true nature and what I am really after. I’ve found a life where I am much more true to myself and much more aligned with my values and my mission. To somebody who is on the fence about working with her, I’d say: Get over that fence, she is going to rock your world and you better stop wavering and give it a shot, because this is the type of thing where small conversations can have a profound result. It’s this simple: If you value your future, talk to Grace.

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Shannon Latoyah Simon

Professional Guitarist and Reiki Healer

Before working with Grace my biggest challenge was being true to myself. I’d see a lot of things and ignore them, because I was scared. But Grace really taught me how to be within my own power, how to recognize things and how to make them real. She has a way of making things very real, there is no beating around the bush with Grace. She is extremely honest, everything she says is super direct, everything just really hits and is so well put together. You realize things that were there in front of you the whole time, it’s always like light bulb moment, you just recognize a lot more. At first, I was terrified, just because of how direct she is. But now I’ve grown to love it. That’s the thing I love the most about her, that she is so direct and so honest always.


Something that I have achieved since we worked together is definitely being more assertive and trying to live up to my life purpose. That was a huge wake up call for me after having sessions with Grace. Also, how to be honest, true to myself, true to my feelings and what’s going to happen, and to be as useful as possible. She helped me figure out what my life purpose was even though it was already there. She was the person to put the last brick of the wall, she was the last person who really helped me to realize what my life purpose was. She helped me with pointing out my gifts as well as how to elaborate on them and how to really make sure they were expressed throughout my life. Throughout my spiritual life too, so I could be more fulfilled.


Every time I speak to Grace it’s really eye-opening. After, I always feel like I am ready to take on the world and I know exactly where I am going. I have this kind of strength and this kind of glow whenever I speak to her. To somebody who is on the fence about working with her, I would definitely say: Just do it, it’s always such a magical experience working with her. Just don’t even think about it, it will completely change your life. 

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Alexandra Luna

Professional Tarot Reader, Chakra Balancing and ThetaHealing® Practitioner

My biggest challenge before working with Grace was understanding myself, knowing the different layers of my personality, and fully accepting them. I couldn’t truly be or express myself, because I wasn’t allowing myself to be who I am. I always felt I was holding myself back, there was a certain tightness, I was giving or showing maybe 60% of who I thought I was. After my sessions with Grace, I could show maybe 90%, I got much more comfortable with myself and my personality. There was always a sense of relaxation and expansion, some of that tightness and tension was being removed. Now, when I see some of the same things playing out, or some of the same challenges coming up, I have more clarity of why they are happening and why I am going through them. It’s like going into a journey without wearing a blindfold. I am still doing the work, of course, but I am now just deeply accepting myself and some of the experiences I might be still recreating. I notice I am able to shift them a lot faster. What would take me months of dwelling and analyzing before, I know now where it is coming from, can work with it and move on. On top of that, I have some new tools and skills I can play with, that allow me to go smoother through these lessons and challenges.


After I began working with Grace, I learned not to be so hard on myself. I am in the healing industry too, so by having a deeper knowing, more compassion and a better understanding of myself, I can guide other people in a more open way. As healers, we often attract people who go through very similar experiences as ourselves, so now that I am at peace with myself and my humanness, when people come to me, I am at a place of deeper understanding and compassion. Now when I work with others, I can share that light through the truthfulness of my experience, not because I’ve read about it somewhere, but because I’ve been through the layers and the work myself. I find this very beautiful and sacred.


The thing that surprised me the most about working with Grace is that she is so young. On a physical level, you are sitting in front of this beautiful young girl, but once she starts talking, when she starts revealing things and channeling, it’s like wow, this is an old soul sitting in front of you, truly. I see this young woman in front of me, but once we start working, it’s clear she has been mastering this for a very long time. What I admire about her as a professional is that she is always investing in herself, she is always learning, taking courses and trainings, she takes good care of her health and her body too. She is really embodying what she is talking about. She reminds me of the Star Card in Tarot. In my favorite deck, the woman carries a box and so many beautiful things are coming out of that box. So, the main reason I would recommend working with Grace is, because she has that box. She has so many tools she has learned and mastered, and she knows very smoothly how to use those tools, to be able to best guide you. There is so much knowledge and depth in the things she does and, even though she is very young, she is so professional, it seems like she has been doing this for lifetimes. She knows how to apply her tools and does it with a lot of compassion. The space she provides makes me feel very comfortable with whatever answers we are getting through the different techniques we explore.


Another reason why I’d recommend Grace is that she is so respectful of what she is doing. She has her structure and the way she is working makes me respect more what she does and her as a professional. There are other people who are also really talented, very gifted, but they don’t have this structure and knowingness of what they are doing, which makes me not want to work with them, it’s unprofessional. But when I come to Grace, she is so clear: "This is what I do, this is what we are going to do, this is how I can help you", there is that structure, the way she works feels so professional. If you are unsure about working with her, you should just read more about what she offers and contact her if you have any questions. I feel that to come and work with her, you must have a deep desire for understanding yourself and changing your life. If you are just wanting some shallow information, I think you are not ready. Yet, if you really want to go through something very deep and get some good information and tools for self-transformation, then you are ready to work with Grace. 

Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let out true selves be seen.” Brene Brown

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