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Bibi Boyadjieva

Growing up in an oppressive childhood environment, having to deal with physical & emotional abuse, I was conditioned that going against the grain and expressing my authentic opinion was punishable and even dangerous. Having to obey unreasonably strict rules and being pressured to outperform my peers in subjects that weren’t of my interest, I was living in isolation, constant fear and self-criticism. I was never encouraged to develop autonomy and was raised to believe that the only way to succeed in life is to put a mask on, conform to certain social expectations, reject the parts of myself that didn’t fit the picture and numb any pain caused by the process. Emotional happiness, human connection and love were entirely disregarded as values, only financial security and social status were thought to determine one’s fulfillment and prosperity.

Thankfully, on a conscious level I never truly bought into this outdated paradigm.

Yet, unfortunately, many of those beliefs became engraved into my subconsciousness and continued to dictate my life choices from behind the scenes. My lack of self-confidence and disempowerment within my authenticity helped me attract people, relationships and circumstances that rejected, shamed or even deliberately prevented me from pursuing my interests and expressing my opinion. I was manipulated, gaslit and given ultimatums about my desires and needs. Nevertheless, my external experiences only mirrored the lack of self-acceptance, shame and guilt I was carrying inside. The amount of abuse I had to put through was exactly equivalent to the amount of self-hate I was hiding.

By the age of 25, I was dealing with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, amongst other health issues created by the internalized emotions, stress and self-denial.

My healing journey has brought me to discover numerous modalities in the fields of Spirituality, Therapy, Eastern Philosophy, Art and Science. I was so committed to my process of Individuation that I tried almost every single modality currently available. I always felt I have a higher and deeper calling than my present awareness allowed me to see. I knew I have a unique purpose, an important message to share with the rest of the world. Many people thought I was naïve, idealistic or even lost and laughed at my dreams, yet the loneliness and emptiness I felt on the inside left me no other choice but to unpeel all my layers of conditioning, to discover and connect to my true authentic self and to learn how to be that self unapologetically. My process of self-discovery was unfolding so quickly that sometimes by the time I had connected to a new aspect of my personality it was already time to let it go and uncover the next deeper layers. 

For the naked eye, my life experiences, qualifications and places of living might seem random, chaotic and contradictory, but for my own evolutionary intention they were the very specific and exact pieces of the puzzle I today call “Sacred Authenticity”. My soul’s impetus to reveal itself was always the tread that was weaving my life choices in a perfect sequence, so my soul can learn and embody my own authentic life purpose. The three spiritual modalities that left the greatest impact on my healing journey were Astrology, The Akashic Records and ThetaHealing®. They reshaped my worldview, shed light on my evolutionary trajectory and helped me release any self-limiting beliefs I have adopted from this and previous lifetimes. 

They inspired me to create and live a meaningful life, empowered me to meet my own needs and desires, and liberated me to share my wisdom and voice authentically. 

Today, I am truly blessed to be able to support conscious souls on their journey toward discovering, aligning with and integrating their unique life purpose, while thriving emotionally and financially. With my work, I help clients internationally to make a positive and meaningful impact on their communities. I specialize in developing personalized plans to help you achieve your personal and professional goals while making a difference and overcoming with confidence any potential challenges that may arise along the way. I am very passionate about helping others step into a higher more aligned version of themselves and am looking forward to supporting you on your unique journey toward Sacred Authenticity.

PS: If only the little girl I once was, knew that she will grow up to teach others how to become the most authentic version of themselves, she would have laughed. But she didn’t. She worked hard and gave her very best to become an expert in the very thing she feared the most - being herself.


Evolutionary Astrology

Hellenistic Astrology

Akashic Records

Advanced ThetaHealing®


Usui Reiki Grand Master Level

200 RYS Vinyasa Flow Yoga

300 RYS Meditation & Yoga Nidra

40 YACEP Bhakti Yoga


MSc Dance Science

BA Movement Studies & Performance

“Wolf is the Grand Teacher. Wolf is the Sage, who, after many Winters upon the Sacred Path and seeking the ways of Wisdom, returns to share New Knowledge with the Tribe. Wolf is both the Radical and the Traditional in the same breath. When the Wolf walks by you – you will Remember." Robert Ghost

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